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Half Day - (750+/boat) a three hour sail trip to a nearby island destination: 1 stop, complimentary snack platter. Cooler full of ice and sodas, beer, and water. Rum drinks (painkillers/punch), and wine available by request. [Morning halfday 9 to 12, afternoon 1 to 4]

Snorkeling and Sailing - lets set sail for a local snorkel spot, maybe that island over there... (600/boat, 100/person)

Luncheon on The Seas - set gentle sail, be it a business meeting or just an afternoon on the water, let's fire up the grill! (*Catering by local restaurants available by request) (600-720/ boat, 100+*/person)

Let's Just Go Sailing - reefed or full sail, we set out for a good time on the water. (550/boat)

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