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Special Services

The Ambush! - You've made a friend out there; scheduled you a date with old Davey he has. And by thunder you've seen the last of us but musket balls and powder smoke!
Details: tell us when and where; we hoist sail for intercept. (300/ ambush)

An Unexpected Surprise (the abduction) -
Aye mate, it seems the Crown's put a bounty upon your head! He'll come easy says she, by the point of cutlass and cannons says I!
Details: Mark your victim(s) [max 6] , surrender their whereabouts & whenabouts. Gold on the table talks or your mark walks. Delivery to port of choice. (600+ 50 per abductee)

The Treasure Hunt -
1st prize: The BIG Booty!
2nd prize: More treasure!
3rd prize: treasure!

[In the future...] Term Charters
The Weekender (2400-3500)

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